Life Well Lived

Help your loved one thrive with senior living at Chestnut Ridge Wallingford.

Regain Independence

Make Meaningful Relationships

Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

Join the Community

Personal Care

Customized support that encourages independence and activity.

Memory Care

A welcoming refuge that offers stability, support, and safety.

Respite Care

Short-term care to enable healing and introduce our community.

There’s More to Life

Your loved one doesn’t need to stay stuck in a world the size of their favorite chair. We’re here to help them not just get the support they need for day-to-day living, but also find a renewed sense of joy and connection.

From morning chats with friends over coffee to taking part in their favorite hobbies and activities, Chestnut Ridge will help open their world back up to activity, social relationships, and purpose.

Time to Thrive

Cherish Each Other

We’re here to do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy each other again without the stress of caretaking.

Fill Their Cup

Surrounded by peers and free to pursue their interests, your loved one will feel included, independent, and fulfilled.

Feel Confident

Enjoy the peace of mind that your loved one is not just getting the support they need, but is seen and cherished as a person.

Building a Safe, Supportive Community Together

Customized Care

We work closely with you, your loved one, and their doctor to create a plan that offers the right balance of independence and support.

Meaningful Activity

Watch your loved one blossom as they make new friends and enjoy full days of connections, hobbies, and activities tailored to their interests.

Ongoing Support

Rely on us as a resource in the coming years. We’ll help you answer questions, navigate the VA and medicare, facilitate aging in place, and more.

Open Up Their World

At Chestnut Ridge we know that you want your loved one to stay active and connected so they can live a purposeful life.

If you and your loved one have shied away from personal care, we get it! They’re likely worried about what moving will do to their independence, or feel like they would become even more isolated than before. But do you know what the number one thing our residents say to us?

Why didn’t I do this sooner?

You and your loved one deserve a better quality of life–one full of friends, activity, confidence, and healthy relationships. Instead of taking away freedoms, personal care gives your loved one a safe, loving environment that will open their world back up to activity, social relationships, and purpose.

We’d love to give you and your loved one a tour of our community and show how finding the right people and the right environment can make all the difference in creating a life well lived.