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Why Should Senior Citizens Perform Balance Exercises?

A group of seniors in the gym with their gym attire are exercising while their hands are placed on their hips.

No one wants to start feeling like their body is losing coordination or strength. Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health as an aging adult. It can prevent or postpone many of the health issues that scan accompany aging and enhance your current lifestyle. Physical activity […]

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The Difference Between Assisted Living and Personal Care in Pennsylvania

A senior female is sitting on a salon chair inside the Personal Care Facility and a female hairstylist in her black uniform is holding scissors and styling a woman's hair.

Personal care provides daily support and many services and amenities for residents living in the community. With this lifestyle’s similarities to assisted living, many people wonder what the difference is. In Pennsylvania, are there any differences between these lifestyles? While the 2 lifestyles are similar, there are some differences. What Is the Difference Between Assisted […]

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How to Protect Your Mental Health as a Caregiver

A female caregiver in her white and blue uniform is sitting on a bench while her hands are placed on his forehead.

As the Baby Boomers, America’s second-largest generation, reach seniorhood, their adult children are often stepping in to assist with caregiving duties. People are increasingly compelled to make these life-altering decisions. You may even wonder if now is the right time for your loved one to move into a senior living community or try respite care. […]

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What Causes Caregiver Burnout?

Caring for Caregivers A caregiver is anyone who provides care or help to another. It’s a broad term that can include family members or professionals. In elderly care, a caregiver generally helps with activities of daily living (ADL). Some professional caregivers may also offer medical-related services. Caring is a full-time commitment and can sometimes cause […]

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