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How to Increase Your Appetite as a Senior

A group of seniors sitting around a table smiling, eating and chatting with each other.

As we age, our appetite often decreases, leaving us with little or no desire to eat. However, seniors need a balanced and nutritious diet to maintain their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  However, proper nutrition is crucial to overall well-being, so finding ways to increase appetite is important.  Seniors can boost their appetite and enjoy […]

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Daily Living Aids for Seniors to Improve Independence

A group of seniors sitting and talking to each other in a senior living community while drinking tea

As people age, some daily tasks can become more challenging. But that doesn’t mean seniors have to sacrifice their independence or quality of life.  At Chestnut Ridge, our independent living and personal care lifestyle options provide support that can help seniors live with independence. There are also many daily living aids available that can help […]

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Bathroom Safety for Seniors: How to Avoid Injuries

A hand of senior person is holding onto safety handrails in the bathroom.

Daily care frequently happens in the bathroom, whether it’s bathing, brushing, or flossing. However, this area can become hazardous for seniors as they age. You can make your bathroom more senior-safe with the right supports and amenities, or consider moving into a specially designed suite to accommodate your loved one’s increasing safety needs. Continue reading […]

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Meal Preparation for Seniors: Ideas for Planning Your Weekly Eats

A lady in a white shirt is sitting next to a dietician and consulting meal plans that are ideal for seniors.

Meal preparation can be exciting or challenging, depending on your experience. Planning meals can help older adults make smart food choices, whether they love cooking or struggle to come up with meal ideas.  Seniors can make food choices independently or with a caregiver. A healthy diet is essential to personal care, so here are some […]

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Why Should Senior Citizens Perform Balance Exercises?

A group of seniors in the gym with their gym attire are exercising while their hands are placed on their hips.

No one wants to start feeling like their body is losing coordination or strength. Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health as an aging adult. It can prevent or postpone many of the health issues that scan accompany aging and enhance your current lifestyle. Physical activity […]

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The Difference Between Assisted Living and Personal Care in Pennsylvania

A senior female is sitting on a salon chair inside the Personal Care Facility and a female hairstylist in her black uniform is holding scissors and styling a woman's hair.

Personal care provides daily support and many services and amenities for residents living in the community. With this lifestyle’s similarities to assisted living, many people wonder what the difference is. In Pennsylvania, are there any differences between these lifestyles? While the 2 lifestyles are similar, there are some differences. What Is the Difference Between Assisted […]

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